Career Highlights


  • 60K/Work Week – Self Published
  • The Ultimate CISSP Prep Course

Entrepreneur Highlights

Listed on the same page as Bruce Schnier.   Pretty Cool huh…


Princeton Global Network International 100 Magazine Honors Edition 2014

  • Recognized for Professional Distinction

Federal IT Security Institute

  • Curriculum Developer
  • Board of Directors

Wounded Warrior Cyber Combat Academy

McGraw Hill


University of California – Irvine

  • Board of Directors

Certification Magazine

  • Article Published on the 4 major areas of certification, which consist of Studying, Reading, Class time and Hands-On-Experience.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Achiever                           

  • Early Achiever: Proved advanced skill in development of system design and management for the Microsoft Windows 2000 Premier MCSE certification.

Free Online Dictionary of Computing                                           

Martial Arts

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor currently presenting seminars, speeches and live demonstrations, as well as Teaching; Involved in Martial Arts since 1987; currently a member of the “North American Black Belt Hall of Fame.”

2003 Computer Security Institute Member


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