Hacking Software / Tools                  

  • I am fluent with over 1700 penetration tools that cover nearly all aspects of computer Hacking and Penetration Testing.


  • Windows NT security, Certificate Authority, PKI, IKE, SSL, IPSec, Physical Security, Intrusion Detection, Firewalls Virus Detection, Auditing and Accounting

Security Practices                              

  • Privacy, integrity, and non-repudiation, Information Assurance, Vulnerability Assessment, Authentication systems

Security Concepts and Techniques    

  • Social Engineering, Reconnaissance, Network Penetration, Avoiding Detection, NT Architecture

Security Tools                                    

  • NT Resource Kit, Footprinting techniques, DNS interrogation, Port scanners, Ping sweeps, NMAP, strobe, UDP_scan, netcat, NetScan Tools, SuperScan, Winscan, cheops, Security Registry settings, dumpsid, user2sid/sid2user, enum, Policy editors/group policy, & 1,700 More! etc…

Network Scanning Tools                   

  • SuperScan, Nmap, NmapFE, NmapNT, Pinger, Strobe, Nessus, UDPFlood.ese, NetScan Tools Pro, NetCat,

Network Sniffer and Routing Tools  

  • Network Monitor, Ethereal, TCPdump, Windump, WinPcap 2.3, Visual Route, NeoTrace

Password Tools                                 

  • L0pht Crack 2.5, L0pht Crack LC4, Crack 5.0, John the Ripper, Snadboy’s Revelation

Trojan Horses and Exploit Tools

  • Netbus, Netbus Pro, SubSeven, GetAdmin, Forensics and Keyboard Logging Tools, NTFSDOS, KeyLoggger, Security Keyboard, Keystroke Logger, Klogger

Intrusion Detection Tools

  • ISS Internet Scanner 6, ISS System Scanner 6, SNORT. IDS Center


  • Checkpoint NG, ISA Server 2000, Router Firewalls,

Security Administration Tools

  • IPv6 Technology, Webmin, Tripwire, Bastille, pwlib-1.3.3-5.i386.rpm, perl-Tk-800.023-9mdk.i586.rpm, Windows 2000 Gold Standard, PuTTY.exe, HiSecWeb security template, IIS lockdown tool, HFNetChk tool

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